DealExtreme is selling this Pistol-Shape iPhone Case for $16. It’s meant to protect your phone from scratches, dust, shock, but NOT bad guys. Because the gun isn’t actually a functional pistol, see? Just a dumb-ass novelty product that’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. iPhone cases come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is probably the most absurdly cumbersome of them all. And that’s even taking into consideration that Lobster iPhone Case! When your iPhone case is more bulky and awkward than a damn lobster, you need to reconsider some things. Like… getting a new iPhone case. Yeah! I sure told you!


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  1. Tmeyn

    No Not incredible.. Yeah., Incredibly Dangerous and irresponsible for you to sell this. This is going to get people killed but cops and vigilante citizens you stupid a**holes

  2. Walter White

    LOL.. butthurt much? Grow a pair and stop being such a pussy!

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