This is the Baby Hjölster, a cowboy version of the Baby Björn. The concept was created by the dad-dudes over at The faux-product is meant for the good, the bad and the cuddly! Which… kind of takes the whole edge off of being a rough and gruff cowboy, but I kind of get it, actually. A baby can be the most dangerous weapon if used properly. Projectile vomit! Poopie pants! That shit’s more dangerous than a pistol! No, no… that’s not true at all. But at least you’ll look like the coolest buckaroo when you bust open the doors to the saloon at Dads Day Out with your offspring swinging at your hip!

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Via: How To Be A Dad

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  1. Andy Herald

    I’m glad you linked to our website, but I’m very displeased at your edit of my artwork and the removal of our brand and domain. Please replace the artwork with the original.

    I’m sure you know how the Internet works. This has already been shared and going viral on the parenting section of FAILBlog without any brand or way for people to know who created it, so yeah, that kind of sucks. Please handle this right away.

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