When you think of Pac Man, what words come to mind? You probably think of things like ghosts, power pellets, and cherries. One word you probably don’t think of when thinking about Pac Man is the word “sexy”, but that’s about to change thanks to the Pac Man tank dress. These dresses come with a Pac Man design, or rather, the design for one of the ghosts on them. These dresses are perfect for any gamer, or 80’s fanatic who wants to make a splash at the next party they attend. We strongly recommend placing marshmallows all over the room, and then run around eating them while shouting “wakka wakka wakka wakka”. You’ll be the life of the party…right up until they kick you out.

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Via: www.gizmodiva.com

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  1. Ali

    hm. funny I don’t think you are looking at the dress….

    Try this, put the dress on Ron White or heck even Star Jones.
    Still sexy?

    ….game over.