Etsy artist Lizzgliz makes these Mario Piranha Plant Earrings by hand with TLC (no, NOT the R&B group or the TV channel for moms — tender lovin’ care, duuuuh!). While it looks like wearing these would be torture, they’re actually painless! There’s a hidden post inside. But let’s be honest: even if wearing these meant the piranhas had their chompers sunk deep into your lobes, that’s just the price we pay. Amirite ladies?! MODERN BEAUTY IS PAIN. Men think we get tweezed, tucked, plucked and our b-holes waxed for our own enjoyment? Ha!

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  1. Laura Collins

    This says these are ten dollars. They are actually 35 on the site plus shipping. Please make sure the price you have posted is the real price. It’s a disappointment to see something you like then have the price be wrong when you want to order it. Thanks.

  2. Jenni Chasteen

    Hi Laura, thanks for the information on the price. It’s possible that the price went up since we posted this.

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