Zippers: they’re especially difficult for small children, drunks, and injured people—and at some point many of us have been at least 2 out of the 3. (In fact, #2 and #3 kinda go hand in hand.) So why is it that it took 100 years for anyone to make significant improvements on the zipper? I dunno—maybe they were too busy getting drunk and injured too. Luckily the folks at Under Armour haven’t been too drunk or injured to create Magzip, a one-handed magnetic zipper system. The magnets attract the two sides of the zippers together, while the shape of the clasp keeps them in place while you pull the zipper up with one hand. Expect to see some of these zippers Under Armour’s 2014 fall release.


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Via: Gizmodo


  1. Joe Ferschke

    This is proof that we are on a downward slope, an evolutionary down-grade that has been happening since the inception of the internet. People are becoming so stupid and detached from their physical reality that they cannot even zip a zipper.

  2. James Moore

    And amputees.

  3. Guest

    What about people with one hand or arthritis?

  4. Max

    about ‘bleeping’ time…!

  5. Max

    Zippers are as old as the hills! They have not changed or improved, and some are a PITA to zip up! Finally a much needed upgrade to an ancient technology!
    Frankly, in this day in age, we should be dealing with a ‘two magnetic, flexible, toothless strips’ that interlock together at a touch of a button, or a mere swipe or pinch of your fingers!

  6. soledad95

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  7. Paccana

    excellent innovation, great for people with arthritis

  8. Mirakel

    I have ataxia and have huge problems to close my jacket with a normal zipper. This magzip looks fantastic. And yes I look drunk but I have ataxia, so it is realy not ok to say that the zipper is for drunks or toddlers!