These are CastMedic Designs’ Fashionable Accessories for Medical Boots. I assume they’re using the term “fashionable” extremelyyyyy loosely ’cause those things are gaudy as hell! As many trips as I’ve taken to the ER via the back of an ambulance, never once has it been for a broken bone (mostly thanks to the protective layer of fat I keep for this very reason). I’m positive that if I ever broke a bone, I won’t be adorning it with plastic jewels, fur, bows or any other tacky gramma trinkets. I’d set it myself and make a papier-mâché cast to save a little money, but at least I wouldn’t be walking around looking like some goofball!

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  1. kt

    Why NOT make it fun though!
    OK -some ppls idea of fun is the sparkly bits (but so are the most of pre-teens).
    Just because you personally are a self admitted whale (“mostly thanks to the protective layer of fat I keep”)and probably never got up to anything more strenuous than changing channels – the rest of us do take damaging bits of life’s interesting side with pride.
    And while we CAN make a cast functional it’s extra fun to make it entertaining as well.

    SO for all of us “under-aged”, ambulatory creatures, who take crazy fun risks and show off the ensuing repercussions with pride, I say HAZZAH!
    Bring on the bling, the fuzz, the crazy studs and buckles, skulls, bone motif and whatever else makes you happy! About TIME damn it!

    You don’t have to hobble around like forgotten moth-eaten mummies in your drab casts.
    Make those who can still walk envy your post ski-parkour-rockclimbing-rollerblade time.
    They’ll want to break something too!