Wearable Mosquito Net Pants fit over your shorts and keep your legs protected from mosquito bites. Sure, you could always just wear regular pants, but then you don’t get to show off them sexy stems. It’s about finding that fine line between fashion and not scratching all your skin off. Because if you think mosquito nets over your shorts looks bad, just imagine what your legs would look like after you’ve scratched all your skin off. Actually, it’s sexier than you’d think.

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Via: Oh Gizmo


  1. Tom

    How about a long-sleeved shirt, too?

  2. Denzel

    These are good, but what I’d really prefer is some mosquito proof shoes

  3. Swaraj Mahapatra

    is it available for sleeping purpose to keep away mosquitoes. ?? LOL
    By the way for mosquito nets we can go for PHIFERINDIA

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