sTitch Leggings are selling meggings, leggings for men. If you’re a male, you can have a pair of your own for about $42. No word on whether they sell to females. Honestly, I don’t care who wears the damn things, as long as we can all agree that leggings are not pants. Per the creators:

We envision a day where men can wear what they want as opposed to what they should, to achieve this, we will strive to design and produce garments that liberate the modern man from conventional male fashion.

Yes, because dudes are sooo oppressed. If it’s not acceptable to wear leggings it’s because dudes said it was not okay. Patriarchy, man! That said, I agree that PEOPLE should be able to wear what they wan as opposed to what they should — being able to wear socks with sandals in public without people openly judging me would be nice.







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Via: Elite Daily


  1. Triple Seven

    leggings are not pants – tights are not pants – and just because Blackmilk makes bad ass tights does not mean you should wear them with noting but a top…gosh.

  2. GrimmXL

    So angry. Let people wear what they want. Stop trying to put people in boring boxes of conformity. #YOLO #hashtag