Ever since the geniuses behind Axe body spray taught guys about the connection between good personal hygiene and getting lucky, men everywhere have grown increasingly concerned with how they smell. While for the most part this is good news for us ladies, there are a few guys who think they can get away with covering their B.O. with fragrances rather than bathing regularly. And now thanks to a company from Japan, it’s even easier for guys to mask their musk. The Otoko Kaoru shirt, meaning “good smelling man,” contains capsules in the collar that make you smell like menthol and roses. The scent stays strong for about 10 washes, which may not be an issue for quite a while considering the way some guys keep up with laundry. Actually, this shirt may never get washed if the guy in question uses the “pick it up off the floor and smell it” method to tell if it’s dirty. Gross. Available in Japan only.

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