Let’s face it: the mens have been jelly of our fashionable patterned tights for centuries all of 2012! Which is why Emilo Cavallini’s boutique is now offering mantyhose. While the fashion house refers to them as unisex hosiery, the terms he-tards, hose for bros, brosiery, guylons & beau-hose have all been used to describe the new man-tights. Regardless of what they’re called, Peter Pan is THRILLED. He’s been teased for years by the Captain Hook, Smee, the Indians, even Tink & the Lost Boy poke fun of his green nylons. Now he’s sitting in a tree, staring at the stars, saying to himself “See? You’ve been right all along. You’re fashion forward. Always been ahead of your time. Lookin’ bangarang as all f***!”

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  1. McBob

    Actually, Peter Pan couldn’t care less; he doesn’t wear tights. According to Sir J.M. Barrie’s book, Peter and Wendy, Peter just wears a collection of skeleton leaves that cover only the essentials (see the 2003 live-action movie, Peter Pan for a close example).

    Green tights (and pointed ears; Peter is human) are just Diz-Nee-isms and are hated universally by all true Peter Pan fans.

  2. Michael Spookshow

    Well, if Peter Pan won’t take credit for this, then I will, ha! Seriously, though, I’m all about fashion freedom for men. In fact, I write about men wearing skirts, tights, & high heels as everyday fashion on my blog,His Black Dress. Bring on the tights, baby!

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