Close your eyes. Have a seat. Take a deep breath. Now open your eyes. What do you see? It’s a unicorn mask for dogs! Aren’t you glad I had you sit down? Because you immediately fainted out of excitement as soon as you laid your eyes on this mess. I know you better than you know yourself. This amazing and magical unicorn mask for dogs is brought to us by Flickr-er Hiroko who is clearly a pro at crocheting. You know what would be really cool? If Hiroko made dog masks for unicorns. You know why? Because that would mean there was really unicorns, guys.




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  1. living_deadgirl

    That’s crochet.

  2. Roxann Skvarj Stetzer

    It’s CROCHET DANGIT!!!!!

  3. lemongrovepeggy


  4. Meowmix

    He so horny

  5. Brittany High

    That slap… it’s burns! I’m sorry. I fixed it.

  6. Dominique Kalata

    Is it a muzzle? It looks like a muzzle…

  7. Paula Poudrier Damgaard

    Is the pattern available to buy?

  8. lemongrovepeggy

    Well for you, it was only a gentle one.

  9. v

    You sick Fuchs even think of putting this on your dog you don’t deserve one!