Every dreamt of galloping through the meadows wearing a pair of whimsical unicorn hooves? Join the club! We meet on Wednesdays at dusk in the mystical forest. Unfortunately we just stand around and talk about how cool it would be — UNTIL NOW. Etsy seller Oonacat makes these amazing Unicorn Hooves. They’re completely customizable so you can adequately express your inner unicorn. Me? Well, my inner unicorn is slightly overweight. Plus, my horn is a little off center. Not to mention the wonky eye! Okay, you’re right: both wonky eyes. Neither of those baby blues are peeping atcha! It’s all part of my charm. And by “my charm” I mean “why mobs of villagers chase after me with torches and pitchforks.” Come at me bros! Jk jk, I’m out of breath. Time out! I need a time out.

Thanks to E for the tip! Between you and me, I think she might actually be a unicorn IRL.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APHx3hr3O8E?rel=0&w=570&h=321]



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