Imgurian eatmytwins and Redditor Chicosley have been cranking out some hilarious Cardboard Cat Costumes. They’ve dressed up their cats in all kinds of characters like Mario, Indiana Jones, an astronaut, a beefcake, and a smexy lady. I bet you could make your own provided you’ve got cardboard, markers, a camera, and at least a little artistic ability. Oh — plus a cat. Definitely gonna need a cat for this one. If you don’t have a kitty and you’re really looking to try this project, just leave a trail of tuna leading into your home. This is a foolproof method. You’re gonna end up with more cats than you know what to do with! That’s exactly what I did and look at me now! I’m in trouble with the law. Apparently, there’s such a thing as “too many cats.”






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  1. R

    Yep, it’s abundantly clear that those cats just loved having their heads forcibly shoved through small holes in cardboard for the benefit of the easily amused.

  2. MB

    The only acceptale internet memes are: bunny ears, peace-sign, fake wiener.

    That is all.

  3. Central Coast Vet

    That is very adorable! Cats know how to entertain humans.

  4. Desex Male Dog

    The last image is funny. Such a sexy cat. We love cats a lot.

  5. Tsuji

    the cats put their head through the holes willingly. you can see vids of it on youtube.

  6. SASH

    Funny and cool!

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