This is the NEW, just released Star Wars collection of leggings, dresses, and swimsuits by Black Milk Clothing. It’s the third of a Star Wars-themed line being released by the company, this one’s called Episode 3: Attacked By Clones. (We’ve covered the first two HERE.) Don’t yell at me saying you’ve seen this already. Because you haven’t. And also, seriously? I’m sensitive and I really just can’t handle it when you raise your voice. Think of me as a delicate flower. Yeah, a sloppy mess of a delicate flower that’s also hard on the eyes. Don’t look at me, I’m a monster! As you can see, the third time’s a charm. This line’s a little more creative than the last, with an Art Nouveau Slave Leia, Comic Book Vader, and Star Wars Manga style to name a few. Black Milk really knocked it out of the ballpark with this collection! Or should I say, knocked it out of this galaxy, into one that is far, far away. No? You’re right. That was dumb. I’m stupid! But don’t forget: I’m also very sensitive, so try and keep the berating to a minimum, k?

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