This is Sir Stuffington, a one-eyed kitten. Here he is dressed up as a pirate. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrre you punching through your computer screen or is that just me? Probably just me. The cute? I can’t handle the cute! Sweet little Sir Stuffington was born homeless. There on the streets he was attacked by a raccoon who broke his jaw and popped his eye clean out. What a dick! Still, this cat’s got some serious street cred. Right now the little guy is living with a foster mom who’s nursing him and his siblings to health. Daaaw! Well that just goes to show, there are still good people in this world. Good people, and bad raccoons.



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Via: Dlisted


  1. Jennifer

    Cutest little thing I’ve ever seen! I would take him in a heartbeat. You can tell he has lots of spunk. God bless his foster mom for taking care of him

  2. Aunt Bunny

    Why is this cat’ name NOT “One-Eyed Willie”?!?! Fail