Remember Haute Mess Threads, the Etsy shop who brought us a line of adorably geeky handmade aprons? Well, now they’re back with a whole new collection called Kitchen Killers. The scary series includes aprons inspired by Chucky, Dexter, Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw, those creepy ass twins from The Shining… basically all the horrifying sociopaths we know and love have nightmares about. *shudders* Man, all this talk about mass murderers sure is making me hungry! How bout you strap on one these scary aprons and bake me some cookies? Just… don’t kill me in the process. I’m too young to die!

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  1. Haute Mess Threads

    Thank you sooo much for featuring Haute Mess Threads again and the wonderful photography of Wayfaring Wanderer-
    You rock brittany!

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