Guys, do you pine for one of your ex-girlfriends to such a degree that you absolutely need a pair of pants to remind you of your lost love? Me neither, but if you ever begin to feel that way, you can pick up a pair of Lev’s Ex Girlfriend Jeans. If you manage to squeeze into these jeans, your ex will watch you walk by, and think to herself “Wow, those jeans are so tight he can’t walk correctly in them…… I miss him so much!” We can only assume these jeans are a direct response to Levi’s line of women’s jeans referred to as Boyfriend Jeans, which raises an interesting question; what kind of guy tries to fit into his ex girlfriend’s jeans?

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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    I miss when baggy pants were cool. Especially on guys.

  2. Mike Kurz

    haha, me too.

  3. mklprc

    I got these and they aren’t too tight. They don’t restrict my movement in any way. You must have gotten them too small. Best Levis I have ever owned. Try some real skinny jeans some time. These even have useful pockets.

  4. Bonnie

    I think they are called ex-girlfriend jeans, because if my boyfriend buys them, I will be his ex-girlfriend.