These Leg’s Talk leggings are meant to indicate what sort of mood the wearer is in, judging by the length of her skirt. The labels start at knee length and, as the skirt length is raised, the descriptors become more and more scandalous. Demure, Discreet, Subtle, Playful, Sensual, Impulsive, Seductive, Provocative, Daring, Passionate, Cheeky — you’re exposing ass at this point, FYI — Dangerous, and Femme fatal. I have to assume that last one is labeled right at your crotch. Whenever I wear TikTok leggings, it’s always classified as Disasterous or Embarrassing. Somehow the back of my skirt always manages to get tucked into the waistband and I end up showing the whole restaurant/library/department store/office my dimply ass. It’s inevitable.

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