If I were aiming to break a world record, as recorded by the Guiness Book of World Records, it would be for something awesome…like running the fastest mile or juggling the most chainsaws. Wearing the most shirts just doesn’t seem like a very lofty goal. My apologies to Tom Rauen of Iowa who recently did just that. The owner of a T-shirt store in Dubuque, Iowa now holds the number one spot for putting on as many T-shirts as possible. It started out easy enough, one T-shirt on top of the other, on top of another. Before he knew it, he was wearing 247 T-shirts. The biggest T-shirt was a size 20 extra large. Rauen beat the old record by two T-shirts. Talk about layering…

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  1. Sally Bellow

    wow! 247 tees. he must have been sweating!

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