Police Chiefs in Bangkok, Thailand are implementing a new form of punishment to rule breaking cops: they’re now forcing offending officers to don a Hello Kitty armband. Huh? Making grown-ass mean wear a hot pink cutesy arm band can be a little humiliating, I guess. But only for like five minutes and then they forget that it’s even there. Seriously? If the only punishment you receive for screwing up on the job is just to wear some dumb arm band, then you should be thanking your boss. Thanking your boss AND manning the F up because in the real world, real people get real punishments. Like me for example: I got fired! And you know what? All I was doing was Xeroxing my butt. Okay, and the fact that I faxed copies to everyone in the office might have something to do with it too. Maybe.

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Via: gizmodiva.com


  1. Dan Nave

    Brittany, can you send me a copy of that Xerox?


  2. Bob