Redditor akasha446 posted this pic of Harry Potter themed shoes to be worn by her and her wedding party on the big day. The handywork was done by her new sister-in-law and fellow Redditor samartypants. That’s nice. The only thing my brother’s wife has ever done for me is ban me from seeing my nieces and nephews without adult supervision. I argued “But I am an adult!” but she just shook her head as she said “No. No you’re not.” Either way, I want a pair of these! I’ll say I want Gryffindor but I know I’ll end up a Hufflepuff. Hopefully there’s a spell that can make me walk in heels. The last time I wore high heels I rolled an ankle and fell. ONTO MY NEPHEW! Thankfully he didn’t break him completely, only like most of the way. Don’t worry though, little dude is doing fine now. Physical therapy has really paid off from what I hear. But I bet he really misses his Auntie B pretty bad!

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