These Plush Hafling Slippers are meant to make your feet look like a Hobbit’s. They’re being sold by Think Geek for about $20 which is a liiiittle over my budget, but I bet my mom would give me an advance on my allowance, because I mean, c’mon — HOBBIT FEET SLIPPERS. Who wouldn’t want big, hairy, busted ass tootsies with yellow toenails? Because I will take these slippers off their hands feet! Anything’s an upgrade from what I’ve got. You don’t even wanna know. But I’ll tell you anyway: I’m missing a few digits. At least the big one is in mint condish. On the left foot, that is. On the right foot? That piggy is toe up! *ZING!*

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  1. Tara@StopandGoDriving

    Hello Frodo! Would love to put my feet in these.

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