This Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Replica is bad-ass! And at $850, waaaay out of my price range (what isn’t? I can’t afford a pack of gum!). It was constructed by Etsy seller VikingProps and I feel like it should be mentioned: this is NOT intended for actual ghost-busting. And that’s alright with me ’cause I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Jk jk, I totally am. But if there’s something strange in the neighborhood, you know who I call? Neighborhood watch. Those guys are always there on the double. Usually it’s the ghost of the old lady who used to live next door who’s haunting me. She totally died and no one found out until like two weeks later and by then her cats had consumed about 40% of her body. Not coo, granny. It’s time you got over it!

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