You can knock Japanese beauty products all you like, but you can’t deny the fact that asian women look young forever. So go ahead and laugh at these crazy looking ladies with flowery ball gags in their mouths, but know this: they’re waaaayyyyy older than they look. By just popping a Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece into their sushi holes and puffing out their cheeks for 20 minutes a day they manage to shave decades off their faces. The woman on the left? She might look like she’s in her late 40s, but she’’s actually like 137 years old. The woman on the right? Who cares how old she is! She clearly has been kidnapped and gagged! Why are you still reading this? Call the cops!

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  1. Simmo

    Very funny, I’d love to share with my friends. But “Sushi holes”? This just puts a slightly nasty twist on the whole thing.

  2. jesse james

    Um… I think we can all think of a cheaper solution.

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