Here we’ve got a Game Boy inspired apron modeled by LA-based baker Jenny Rae of Lil Rae Cakes. She designed it for this year’s WonderCon. So far there are no plans to making it available for purchase, and to be honest, I’m pretty beat up about it. That shit ain’t right! Jenny, why you no make geeky aprons for the rest of us? You’re just gonna come around here with your delicious cake pops and adorable aprons making everyone else mega jelly? I mean, I don’t blame you, but damn! You might as well start calling me Dr. Scholl’s because I am officially jellin’.

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  1. Jenny Rae

    Sorry for the disappointment! I didn’t think so many people would be upset that i’m not selling them haha. I plan on selling some exclusive aprons down the road HOPEFULLY, but cake ball orders keep me incredibly busy right now. Thanks for the apron love! 🙂

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