This is a handmade fleece hat created in the likeness of Grumpy Cat. It’s made by Etsy seller CuteStorm. Oh, Grumpy Cat. Sooo rude. Sooo hateful. Sooo celebrated for being both of those things. Does anyone else think we’re setting a bad example for the rest of kitty-kind by putting this Grumpy Cat guy on a pedestal? Felines the world over are going to start following his lead!  Cute videos of cats playing in small boxes or riding a Roomba will soon be replaced with depressing clips of cats frowning and delivering the stankiest stink-eye they can possibly muster. And if you ever met my cats, you know they can conjur up a pretty nasty stink-eye. So nasty in fact, it kinda hurts my feelings. BAD. I need a hug, guys!

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  1. Andrew Espinoza

    Was wondering if it was possible for you to make another one. i missed my chance when you were selling it before and was hoping if i could request one.