Personal style: everyone’s got one. If you’d describe yours as ooky or disturbing, then you’re in luck I guess? Etsy shop ConcaveOblivion is selling Denture Jewelry. That’s jewelry embellished with dental acrylic handmade by a person who goes by the name Mr. Basic. I’m assuming it’s a dude, but I’ve been fooled before. And you know what they say: Fool me once, I don’t think so, Tim. Hi-de-ho, neighbor! Sorry I’ve kind of been on a Home Improvement kick. For the last 20 years! Currently for sale the shop’s got a bracelet and a hair comb, both are embellished with a bunch of fake teeth. Uh, can we all agree that at least they’re not made out of real teeth and just forget this ever happened? Yeah? Kthx.


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  1. Tooty McToots

    I want the entire collection!

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