It’s almost officially summer and you know what that means? Board up the windows and crank the AC to ‘Full Blast’ Flip flop season! Why not rock these flip flops that leave the words ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Bring Beer’ printed in the sand with each step. Do you think that’ll actually work? Because I’m willing to give it a go. I’ll try anything that promises free beer! Do you also want free beer, but would prefer a less bossy approach? Pick your own custom message, like, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘While You’re At It Mind Picking Up Some Brewskies?’ Sure, you’ll have to order some pretty big flip flops to fit all those words, but at least you’re being polite! Speaking of flip flops, I call them slip slops. I think it’s hilarious, but then again, I spend a lot of time alone. Unless you count the cats. If you count the cats then I’m never alone. Not even in the bathroom!

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