You know you’re jaded when you see a pair of shoes made out of real birds and you think to yourself, “It’s been done.” Sure, it has been done, but that doesn’t make it any less weird when it’s done again, right? To be completely fair to most people wear dead animals all the time—leather, alligator skin, fur. So is it really THAT outrageous that people are gluing dead birds to shoes? I’m not sure, but I am sure that $3000 for a pair of shoes IS outrageous. You want dead things glued to shoes? I have a nice pair of rat clogs for $40. Fifty if you want me to hit them with Febreze to get the smell out.

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  1. Angie.Evan.

    this is plain stupid. and the ones who would wear them would be stupid heartless bitches.why would you sacrifice these poor helpless birds in the name of “art”? wtf ppl?

  2. sugarlightly

    i hope you dont wear leather shoes or have a leather sofa – poor helpless cows

  3. Angie.Evan.

    no i dont, i do not eat them either.

  4. reena88

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