We never would have guessed that arm injuries could end so fashionably. After you put on an EXOS Arm Brace you may never want to take it off again, and you pretty much won’t have to. EXOS Arm Braces let you function normally despite a fracture or other carpal injuries. It’s waterproof so you can shower or swim without taking it off and it attaches using Boa lacing, which keeps it on comfortably. It’s even radiolucent so you can leave it on during X-rays.

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  1. TANIA

    Hola que ta, que precio tienen las ferulas de diseño, y donde puedo conseguirlas? (Mexico, D.F.)

  2. Amelia

    Hiya loving the arm braces I have hemmy which means one side of my body is smaller than the other side and it’s in my wrists so I’m always in pain with them and these are really good but how much are they hun because I’m just a student 18 years old so I’m on a buget.

  3. Alana

    I got a buckle fracture in my left arm ( radias) so its pretty minor.since im a teen i did kinda want a cast for signing etc. But im going to the beach and we all know that you cant have a cast on the beach!! So i have this one and it is all of my dreams!! I can swim play beach ball, water tubing in ocean, shower all with this brace !! And its much cuter;) so yeah highly recomend it