This is the Ex Boyfriend Revenge Kit by Her Royal Flyness. It includes a leather tote, some rope, bondage tape, pliers, a mini crowbar, some brass knuckles, a syringe with amytal sodiam (aka Truth serum), a balaclava, and soft leather gloves. All of which are TEAL, the color of a woman scorned. Unfortunately, the kit’s just a concept. The only thing for sale here is the teal handbag pictured. HAHA, wait, I’m sorry — did I say unfortunately? What I meant to say was: No hard feelings for breaking my heart, scumbag! It’s all good in the hood or whatever. Yeah, fortunately it’s just a concept. Because violence is never the answer. They say revenge is a dish best served cold which I’ve always interpreted as a pie in the face. Works like a charm! Just kidding that’s a total waste of pie. So now you are all alone with no pie. I don’t know which is worse!






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