There’s nothing girly about a guy with a ponytail. Nothing. My dad and my husband both have ponytails, wanna fight about it? (And no, I don’t care what Freud would have to say about that either.) But even though long hair on dudes isn’t inherently female, if a dude was rockin’ a bridesmaid updo, that would in fact be girly. Or would it? Columnist Jessica Saia challenges the way we look at men’s hair by taking 8 guys to Salon Miel to get fancy lady hair. At first glance these images are pretty hilarious, but after giving it some though I think people could get used to dude updos. I mean, if we could get used to skinny jeans on guys, then why not this?






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  1. merr7242

    I love a well groomed ponytail on a guy. It just should look greasy like it hasn’t been washed for a long time. I’m not a fan of long beards on men though. I like a little well groomed hair on the chin and a small mustache but, sideburns are OUT!

  2. Joe Ferschke

    You’re obviously an idiot.

  3. Chews

    They’re an idiot because they post their opinion? Way to be a bitch-tit.

  4. Heather Hogan

    This was what I had to say about it on facebook: I don’t expect guys to actually do this (nor do I want them to) but it’s awesome that these guys did. And they totally look manly still. In fact, I think the contrast between the femininity of the hairstyle and the masculinity of the faces exaggerates both.

  5. Jenni Chasteen

    I agree that they still do look manly. Not sure if I’d like my husband rocking a hairstyle like that, but I agree that it was awesome for these guys to do it.

  6. V

    Guys that do stuff with their long hair are totally manly. It is just a time and maintenance issue for some.

  7. Donna Busch

    Very funny

  8. Jeffry Kingbee Fick

    My GF braids mine so it doesn’t break. It covers my whole back, unbraided. I could care less, but she likes it, so…

  9. Christine Weippert

    i think she meant to say it SHOULDN’T look greasy

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