Canada Cosplay is selling this Dragon Hoodie. It comes with a BONUS detachable tail and is available in bad ass black or multicolored scales on white. All this for the low, low price of $400. *spits out coffee* Four hundred dollars? It better give me the ability to breathe fire! Annnd it better be flame retardant, because there’s nothing worse than your clothes going up in flames. Just trust me, it’s happened before. It’s why I’m not allowed to use matches.



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  1. DiscoToast

    I’d put 250 on it.

  2. Bulldog_Hero

    Somehow I see this selling more 2x and 3x sizes than any other….

  3. Tarcor

    yeah might go 250……400 is a bit exessive

  4. CatherineDesbiens

    It’s Toothless <3 That's a bit expensive though..

  5. Kayla Vantrottington

    It’s not excessive when you consider the fact that someone not only had to design it, but they had to spend hours making sure the pattern was perfect, then figuring out patterns for different sizes. Plus all the beta versions of it, so no, 400 seems spot on. If you want it cheaper, you could always use it as inspiration to learn to sew!

  6. Rae

    Id definitely buy it and im a small…

  7. Bluechuu

    Im a UK xsmall, I’d buy one…

  8. jwayne2014

    Heavyweight Dragons like Maximus and Kulingile are the best.

  9. jwayne2014

    I have to admit admit I want the fabulous one.

  10. Efti Hia

    No.. (only if it was made of gold..) 😀

  11. Элизабет

    Ну так, правда они конечно уж слишком как-то завысили цену…ладно бы еще 300 долларов…Но ради Как Приручить Дракона и Беззубика можно и на такое потратиться!

  12. Simon Templer

    yep sure would if its well made

  13. Samantha Dawson

    I would definitely buy this if it wasn’t so expensive. I can make this hoody for about $60 tops haha. What a rip off. I think I’m going to do that. At least I know it’ll be my exact measurements.

  14. Carol Brady

    $400? FUCK NO!!!!!!!! I BETTER BE ABLE TO FLY AND SPIT FIRE NOT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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