Dogs. They like to smell butts, chase cars, eat people food, and lick their own privates. No judging on that last one — you’d do it too if you could! And some dogs like to wear clothes. Fancy clothes. Just check out Dog Vogue, a series of photos featuring dogs dressed up in high fashion. It was done by Sophie Gamand and styled by pet couturier Anthony Rubio. I… did not know that pet couturier was a real job. Then again, my grampa doesn’t think writing on the internet is a real job. He says the world wide web should be reserved for pr0n and pr0n only. And I agree with him! But do you think that’s gonna stop me from cashing these checks? No. No it will not. Mainly because I like being able to work in my underwear, but also because I’m not qualified to do anything else other than watching re-runs of the Real World and eating frozen pizzas. Also, coincidentally, in my underwear.






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