Artist Landon Meier of Hyperflesh brings us these Lifelike Baby Masks. For just $350 you can have your own! Just choose from one of three different varieties: digusted baby, happy baby, and cry baby. As you can see with your now terrified eyeballs, each is creepy as hell. It’s like these things went to the All U Can Creep buffet and went back for seconds. And used the same plate. Rude! Also, extremely unhygenic. What? I take my buffeting very seriously! Notice my fat gut and my ability to shovel food into my mouth at an alarming pace. I’m gonna get my $12.99 worth!


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  1. Matthew

    The guy in the photos is freaking hot! The masks are cool too, I guess.

  2. Katie

    Oh holy God those are terrifying.

  3. Got Cash Buy

    We are actually linking to these on our site too. Gotta love Landon’s work. He has some serious moulding skills.

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