Another day, a new way to reimagine the beloved Disney Princesses. And you know what? Keep em coming. I’m a little girl in a grown-ass woman’s body and I can’t get enough. Unless they’re twerking. If they’re twerking, I don’t get out of bed that day and just hope that they cut that mess out so I don’t have to call into work again tomorrow. Thankfully, today we’ve got the Princesses dressed up in Halloween costumes by artist Isaiah Stephens. We’ve got Ariel as Black Widow, Belle as Hermione Granger, Mulan as Xena, and more. Ooh, next do all those characters dressed as Disney Princesses. Come on, you know that’d be cool! Sure, not as cool as an all you can eat buffet where they shovel the food in your mouth for you so all you have to do is sit back and swallow, but what is?










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