These are Pokepanties, Pokemon themed boyshorts. They’re being sold over at Etsy shop Makers Way, not to be confused with candy bar Milky Way which is the poor man’s 3 Musketeers. But I digress. The line offers Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Bulbasaur varieties. What, no Jigglypuff? That’s too bad, because that just so happens to be what I nicknamed my own ass. Coincidence? I think not Yes, actually.





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  1. megan

    where’s her ass?

  2. derek

    I want the chick in them, who cares about the panties?

  3. Cheshire

    Sold out in XXL by the end of the week. All the S and M sizes sit and collect dust..

  4. Faq u

    Confirmed fatass.

  5. kayla

    Ill take all the smalls n mediums that are collecting dust! Half of them.. xD I waaant themmmmmm!!! Lol too bad I is poor.

  6. CarnoCon


  7. Sir Cumfrence

    Brittany, you nick-named your butt? That’s so cool! I named my wiener Mr. Willikers. Don’t judge me.

  8. Brittany High

    You know it! And don’t worry — this is a judgment-free zone.

  9. Peta

    Could someone give me a link to a website that actually has them in stock as i cannot find them anywhere :(