Combine the classic comfort of Chucks with the daring style of knee high boots and you’ve got an unforgettable pair of shoes. The Converse Chuck Taylor XX Hi’ Knee High Sneakers add just a little bit of punky rebel to any outfit. They feature knee high lace-up for that sneaker look, with a hidden back zip so you don’t actually have to lace them up.

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  1. max

    hi, you can shipping the Converse Chuck Taylor XX Hi’ Knee High Sneaker in italy?how much the shipping?best regard.massimo

  2. Incredible Things

    Hey Max – Click the “Check it Out” link for ordering and shipping options from the retailer.

  3. kaiya

    how much these shoes in english pound … these shoes are banging

  4. MzMelanie

    Those shoes are so girly. I love em.

  5. tiffany

    hey could you also find theese at payless and if so are cheeper

  6. payton

    you can find shoes like these but theyre airwalks instead of converse but you can get them at payless shoes for around 50 candian dollars i just got a pair today

  7. cammy

    I really want these shoes.Can anyone tell me if I should get them???

  8. Jacqueline Bryson

    We have a pair of these boots and would like to know where in the UK we can get the laces in black. They’re 10ft long.

  9. Christine

    I really like these. I saw these at Payless and they were NON-LACE UP airwalks!! That must take forever to lase. I can’t even lace my normal high tops lolz

  10. Jess

    Where can i get a pair of these in the UK? Or do i have to get them from America?

  11. keandr

    i really like dese shoes but i cant find them anywhere iv searched n searched cn u tell me were i cn find them

  12. Mikey

    look i will give you people ANYTHING for these boots , i know they would look FANTASTIC on my stems!! now wear the HELL do i get them from in NEW ZEALAND !?!?!?! please help me these boots would fix my life up somthing nice!!!

  13. Akane

    The airwalker versions of these are much cheaper, but more ugly.
    They are about $40 but these are MUCH more worth it.

  14. Lisa XD

    Hey guys im from New Zealand and got these from journeys off the internet for $192 including everything heres a link for then wher i got them

  15. lisa

    how much ?

  16. Mr. Tees

    These are great, like the black. I think that they would be cool in white so you could style them yourself.

  17. miss.fashionista

    Heyy guys!
    I really badly want some of these amazinglly AWSOME boots!
    I live in the UK and been looking for some for AGES!!
    Any ideas where you cant get some?? prefreblly in black!
    Thankz x

  18. animallover12

    hey guys ive been looking for ages for a pair of shoes like this but i do not want them from payless and i want them very cheap like maybe $20 at the most please help a girl out please post back soon peace out!!!!!!!

  19. wreckerman

    i want to buy some in a mens size 13 us where can i get some?????

  20. Hanan

    Hi can i bye Converse Chuck Taylor XX Hi’ Knee High Sneaker in sweden ??

  21. Ivory

    I so want a pair! I been searching everywhere for them!

  22. Annika Leys

    i love this shoes

  23. Annika Leys

    I just bought a pair yesterday

  24. Jake Cross

    i need these in men’s 13 where can i get someeeee?

  25. Sophie

    How much does it cost to deliver them to QLD? Do they sell imitations of the? And where can you buy them from.

  26. Caitlin

    How much does it cost to ship them to New Zealand

  27. lilly

    APSOLULTY ANNOYED, went to buy them at nordtorm £46.88 GOOD PRICE THEN went to check out and you have to pay the dleivery £77.99 IT CAME TO ! RIP OFF annoyed wanted them so bad :L

  28. Rikke

    HEY i come from denmark and i will love to buy theme how must :)

  29. Slash

    I want these soooo bad I have been trying to get them in a Converse shop (Australia) but they only come in charcoal and white….I WANT THEM IN BLACK!!!!!!!!!!
    So I guess ordering is my only option?? :L

  30. Deea - Anttoo


  31. Jessica

    I have a few questions… Do they have these in a different colour… Are they for kids or for Adults, If they are for Adults can you make them for kids to but in a different colour, if they are for kids do you have them in a size 1.5… Thanks that’s all I wanted to ask bye… By the way I am a kid… HeHe

  32. martin

    were can i get one less

    fpr less

  33. LE GOFF

    hi, you can shipping the Converse Chuck Taylor XX Hi’ Knee High Sneaker in France?
    how much the shipping?
    best regard.Franck

  34. Waiz

    Wondering if you have a size 10 in NZ sizes, and also what is the size of the top of the shoe??? I have a cousin very interested in getting a pair, or two!