Because what good is having a dog if you can’t stuff him in a bag and tote him around wherever you go, there’s the Clifford Canine Carrier. The bag can carry a dog up to 200 lb and offer a variety of safety features. A two-hundred pound dog?! If I got a 200 lb dog, HE is gonna be carrying ME. The makers Timbuk2 insist dogs don’t really like to walk. That’s… interesting. Obviously, you’ve never met my dogs. You say a word that remotely sounds like the word “walk” and they go apeshit. As in, one’s tap dancing on the ceiling and the other is burrowing a hole under the front door. And don’t even get them started on the word “treat.” No seriously, don’t. All hell breaks loose.

UPDATE: Turns out, April Fools. Hopefully they’ll make a real carrier for cats, though.

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  1. cece

    So, I tried to order one and it was an April fool’s joke, no clifford carrier, too bad!! I think my dog would love to ride on my bike!

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