We all wipe our glasses with our shirts just like we all put our pants on one leg at a time. We do it even though it’s really, really bad for the lenses. And I should know, because I once worked in an eye doctor’s office. Me=authority on the subject. The Wipe T Shirt is the solution. It may look like an ordinary shirt, but it has ulterior, lens cleaning motives. Its stripes are actually convenient, built-in strips of microfiber cloth to wipe your glasses or cell phone clean. The top strip is good for giving your phone a good shine, while the 3rd or bottom stripe, is perfect for wiping down your specs.

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  1. Princess Alex

    Where did you get the idea that t-shirts are bad for glasses? They’re actually just fine. No need to buy special cloths at all. ;-)

  2. Brooke Dowd Sacco

    I always knew that doctor I worked for was a crook!

  3. Not You

    it should have sleeves with the micro fiber cloth