Asia markets products a little differently than we do here in the US. I once saw a Japanese commercial where girls greeted each other by cupping each other’s breasts… I think it was an ad for orange juice. Equally ridiculous, this Chinese commercial for a body shaping garment has the kind of enthusiasm westerners usually reserve for kids products. The ad features a corset with ties in the front that push the wearer’s breasts together to maximize cleavage—which seems pretty exciting on its own. But with the addition of “power up” sound effects every time a woman pulls her breasts together it’s hard not to feel like you’re playing a video game that gives out bonus points based on your character’s cleavage.

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  1. joe

    I love that sound!

  2. resilient1

    How can I get one over here n the US? I want one!!! That was neat!!

  3. Cesar

    The Chinese deserve to rule the world.

  4. Will

    They lost me when the fat cells started moving themselves from their bellies to their boobs…