Maybe you’re a person who knows better than to get a dog because you know won’t take care of it, leaving it to just shit all over your apartment so your roommate either has to live in pee-pee & doo-doo filth or pick up after it. Orrrr maybe your roommate mom won’t let you get a dog because of her completely fabricated allergies. Ugh, she never lets me do ANYTHING. Well you can fake it with a crocheted Chihuahua’s Head accessory made by Etsy seller LotsOfLoops. The little K9 dome can be pinned onto your hand bag or back pack (or anywhere really, the possibilities are endless!). Now you too can be a sexy socialite toting around a pipsqueak of a dog. Me? I’m the overweight uggo with a baby in her back pack. Just… don’t tell the cops you seen me with this thing.

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