Remember T & A iPhone covers? Those were PERVY. The Breastie iPhone cover? Also pervy. But these only come in the shape of a single breast (opposed to the complete set) and don’t even offer a butt option. Totally a shame, too, because it’d totally work with the company’s tag line “Breastie, Your Phone’s Breast Friend.” Except it’d be “Buttie, Your Phone’s Best Buttie.” See? Man, I’m good. The goal of the Breastie is to raise $100,000 for Breast Cancer Research and other related organizations through revenue of the titty phone. No word on whether or not the Breastie actually feels like the real deal, but if you’re actually wondering then you have more problems than I originally thought. And that’s really saying something.

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  1. Sir Cumfrence

    So, this lady walks into her oncologist’s office. He offers her a cup of tea. “One lump or two?” he asks. OK, inappropriate, maybe?

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