From the same people who brought us the always classy Wine Rack Flask Bra comes the Beer Belly Drinking Sack. That’s right folks — now the mens can carry drank incognito too! And to be honest, it’s sexier than I could have ever imagined! I’ve always told the guy I call my boyfriend, “The only way you could be handsomer is if only you were secretly packing 80 oz of hooch and a gut.” And that’s when he’s like, “Seriously, stop calling me or I’m gonna change my number again.” The point being: aw snap! We gonna be gettin’ drinkly on the cheap from now on, y’all!

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  1. Ricky Gordo

    I know it sounds bad but i am to fat for this… I wasted my money… I am 560lbs (an yes, i want to be this weight.. A am a gay man attracted to large men) and 1 the straps dont fit and 2 it looks fake with my mass