Little dogs get toted around in little purses and get to go to all the posh shops and fancy boutiques. But what about big dogs? They gotta stay couped up at the house where they’re forced to destroy the furniture because life isn’t fair. Until now! This is video showing off the Big Dog Purse by Carmichael Collective of Censorship Towel, Urinal Cake Cakes, and Bug Memorial fame. The vid shows off a well dress lady pulling around her giant-ass dog in the Big Dog Purse. She gets a lot of stares and side eyes from employees and onlookers alike. And I can totally understand why! But why am I getting stares and side eyes? Omg, is it because the back of my skirt is tucked into my underwear again? Say it aint so!


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  1. Gawler Vets

    Lol. The owner pulls the carriage and the dog loves it.

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