We all have a friend or loved one who is perpetually late. Maybe you even go as far as making special invitations just for them, stating that the start time for an event is two hours earlier than it really is. Even still, they’ll find a way to be late. Hopefully Latey McLaterson has a sense of humor about it, which is where this watch comes in. Since they don’t seem to give a crap what time it is or where they have to be, it’s their perfect accessory.

Who doesn’t love vintage watch straps anyway?

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  1. Angela Pritchard

    This web site in in Russia. I want to order the “whatever I’m late anyways” watch but cant get anyone to respond to my request to translate the site to English. Can you help?

  2. Angela Pritchard

    Can this web site be translated to English?

  3. Angela Pritchard

    Thanks for responding so quickly!
    I did try the google translate and it didn’t work. I don’t mind ordering from a Russian site- I just cant figure out what Im doing. I also saw the other watch on Amazon. It is cute but I really want this one!

    I will try to get a hold of the company again.
    Thanks so much for your help! 🙂

  4. B

    Did anyone ever get to order this watch! I really want it but don understand the Russian website either! ;(

  5. you wiah

    I wrote to the people, who posted on that Russian site (it is actually in Ukraine) and NOBODY got a reply from the company. So I personally don’t trust them.
    It’s pity this watch is not sold anywhere else. I really love it!

  6. Bryan

    The website is Ukranian. I have a contact in Kiev who buys the watches for me and sends them to me in the US. I sell them on e-bay. I have a small order coming and will be posting them on e-bay around Nov 27, 2012. It’s a pain (i.e. expensive) to get them here so I sell them for $100 each if you are interested.

  7. Charles

    How often do you get these shipments in? I’m just wondering if you are going to be getting another shipment in after this one but before Christmas.

    Thank you,

  8. Sam

    Hi Bryan,

    My name is Sam and I am keen on purchasing a couple of these watches from you (once you get them in).

    I reside in London, UK – so am wondering if you would post here?

    If so, i will make a purchase from you as soon as they arrive.

    Many thanks!

  9. Louisa

    Hi I’m from Coventry, England. I am desperate for this watch if anyone cn get one please help. Louisa

  10. Vaclav

    Hello, I have this watch and also another type from this company (new with original pakiging). If somebody is interested please let me know.

  11. Angela Pritchard

    How much are you charging for the watch and shipping?

  12. Vaclav

    watch price is 50€ + shipping (in dependence which country)

  13. angip

    D you know how much that is in US dollars?

  14. Nicolas

    Hello Vaclav,
    I live in Belgium… How many would it cost to get the watch?
    Could you answer on my e-mail please?

    [email protected]

  15. Vaclav

    Angip: in US dollars it is 67$

    Nicolas: I send you information by mail.


  16. Matthieu


    I’d like to buy it too,

    Can you contact me Vaclav ?


  17. Kendi

    Hi Vaclav,

    Could you please email me as well, very interested in buying 2 of the watches. Thanks!!


  18. monika

    So how much does it costs? I’m from Lithuania. And how much the shipping will cost?:)

  19. Vaclav

    thank you for your interest but I had just last one pcs which are reserved by first applicant and waiting for his decission. I will let you know.
    Anyway if you want to see onother model contact me: [email protected]


  20. Monika

    moreover, it will be this model someday?:) i really want this 😀

  21. Olguita

    I want this watch, I’m from Puerto Rico, anybody help me?


    [email protected]

  22. Dave

    There is one on ebay

  23. Eliška

    Did anyone already ordered watch Whatever Im late anyway? Was it without problems? I would like to know before ordering 😉 thanks..

  24. J729

    Please let me know if anyone purchased this watch and where they got it from. Thank you!!!

  25. Melissa

    For anyone who was as confused as I was: Open this link on Google Chrome and it gives you an option to translate the whole page right away! It’s wonderful. 🙂

  26. LaCheyl


    Can someone send the English directions for purchasing this watch?

  27. Marie

    I´m from czech republic and I really want to buy this watch

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