Totoro has been showing up a lot lately! As a bed, costume, and even in the flesh outside my bedroom window requesting I accompany him wild adventures! I… have been hitting the hooch too hard, haven’t I? Probably should have skipped that eighth shot of tequila. Now you can snuggle up with Totoro in this Snuggie! Well, it’s not an officially licensed Snuggie, so we gotta call it a cloak. But you and I both know this thing’s basically a Snuggie. If it looks like a Snuggie, swims like a Snuggie, and quacks like a Snuggie then — yeah, come to think of it, you probably need to lay off the sauce, too.

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  1. catbus

    It’s more of a hood than a snuggie!

  2. Qua

    Not a snuggie in the least. I’ve seen this several times, and what it ACTUALLY is, is a cloak/hood. In no way shape or form does this even resemble a snuggie, idiot.

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