Here are some seriously impressive costumes made entirely from twisty balloons. They’re created by Jeff Wright of Balloon Distractions. The TMNT one up top took Jeff 12 hours and 500+ balloons to complete. The video is a MUST-WATCH. Michelballoongelo promises “Major league butt-kickin’ is back in town!” and thank goodness, too. I am sick and tired of this minor league butt-kickin’ that’s been going on. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it butt-kickin’. It’s more like… wrist-slappin’. And nobody’s about to stand around and watch that business. I’ve got better stuff to do, like a take a nap. Or watch balloon videos on the interwebs.

Check out the rest of Jeff’s balloony costumes including Buzz Lightyear, Mario riding Yoshi, and a big choo choo train (I’m 5).

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