When you get drunk and walk into a tattoo parlor, you’re leaving things all up to fate. When you wake up with someone’s name tattooed to your ass does that mean you two were meant to be? Probably not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should lose faith. After all it’s fate that each of us are born in a certain region of the world and into a certain religion. Either that or it’s completely random—who knows? Inspired by that notion Chirs Eckert created Auto Ink, a machine that randomly assigns religious symbols to anyone brave enough to stick their arm in it. Just like we have no control over the cards we’re dealt in life, users have no control over what symbol gets tattooed to their body. You just have to leave it up to fate. Maybe you’ll get a tattoo corresponding to the religion you were born into, or maybe you’ll get some insight into how random it all really is.

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  1. Fenriq

    This is kind of funny and really, really stupid.

  2. Alexis

    An excellent device for all those indecisive people out there!

  3. Name (required)

    It should do more than just religious symbols -.-

  4. Charles

    this should be kept away from me at all times

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