Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre creates shoes that leave realistic animal footprints in snow or soft ground. They look like regular shoes, but with modified soles. (Basically the opposite of horse shoes, which look like horse legs but have heels at the bottom.) Lasserre uses the shoes in urban areas where people would be pretty freaked out to see animal tracks. Can you imagine walking around New York City and seeing wolf or bear tracks? It’s pretty alarming, let me tell you. One time I was walking down the street in Philly and I saw a black bear that must’ve escaped from the zoo or something. So naturally I started screaming and ran out into traffic to get away from it and caused a huge car accident. Turns out it wasn’t a black bear, it was a newfoundland dog.

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  1. ashley

    are these shes for sale

  2. ashley

    these for sale

  3. Ginger

    where can i buy shoes like these?